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Chillin out in Ocala

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

North America Diving Dogs (NADD) tournament at the Ocala Dog Ranch

This weekend (18-19 AUG) the Ocala Dog Ranch is hosting the Ocala Dog Ranch Chillin’ in the Summer Heat. The event is open to spectators to come watch the fun and excitement at one of the best sport dog facilities in Florida.

This is a qualifier event for the National Diving Dog Championships.

Dogs from around the USA will compete in two types of Dock Dives. The most popular being the distance and a second is the very exciting "Air Retrieve" where the pup jumps from the dock and up to grab a suspended target often many feet above the water.

Fun for all

BaDock Diving is separated into categories for all sizes of Bad Azz Dogz. From large to small and there are many awards for the competitors. Like most of the newer canine sports, it is driven by a a community of folks out to have fun with their pups. 

The Ocala Dog Ranch if a great facility offering a large number of canine sports and training. They are also a member of the Association for Force-Free Professionals, guaranteeing a positive approach to all activities.

More Information: https://www.ocaladogranch.com/ https://northamericadivingdogs.com - Bad Azz Dogz

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