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Easter Lure Coursing in Florida

GOGLCA hosts Easter weekend AKC Lure Coursing in Brooksville, FL.

Special Photo-Feature: GOGLCA Easter AKC Weekend 30-31 March 2024

[galleries below]

Greater Ocala & Gainesville Lure Coursing Assoc. (GOGLCA) hosted AKC Lure Coursing over the Easter weekend. The weather peeked up to the 80s on Saturday and Sunday morning was so dense in fog, the start was delayed till the judges could actually see the field. Many event regulars were on hand to help see the event went off smoothly with dozens of sighthounds from Greyhounds to small Basenjis taking on the course.

AKC Lure Coursing began in 1991 with their first nationals in 1992.

Lure coursing is an American creation, now close to 100 years old and gives the live rabbits of traditional coursing a welcome break as they are replaced with a series of 3 "lures" on a line run across zig zag track often up to 15 acres. Up to three dogs at a time take on the course that simulates to hunting pursuit and are judged up the quality of their run and not a first across the finish as we see in racing events.

With increasing Sighthound ownership, letting these beautiful animals show off what they were built to do over thousands of years is truly a sight to see and we hope these images from the weekend spur your interest to get involved too. Either as a Sighthound owner or spectator for the excitement in rural Florida.

Florida Classic Park is the venue for lure coursing and many other dog events. From COnformation to agility and even disc dog. There are ample RV hookups. Though there is a wheelchair accessible restroom, it must be requested ahead of time to be unlocked and made available for any event.

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More Information: Greater Ocala & Gainesville Lure Coursing Association (GOGLCA) on Facebook:

American Kennel Club AKC Lure Coursing

American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA) Lure Coursing

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