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Over the Rainbow at Ocala Dog Ranch

The Dusk till dawn, the NADD event in Ocala...

Florida English Bulldog Rescue

The Ocala Dog Ranch continues to be an ever more regular haunt for us. For good reason! The rural facility run by Neil Hennessey and his gang is organized, clean and very active with constant events from agility and disc dog to dock diving..

The last weekend of September 2018 was no different. Bad Azz Pups from all over converged on this popular venue and were watched by folks from Ocala to Hamburg, Germany.. From the crack of dawn, yaps and barks grew as the event began. Every breed and size compete in both distance and height measured jumps (or "Splashes") with new personal bests and ribbons brining cheers from the crowd on regular basis.

We are members of the Pet Professional Guild and we only utilize force free, pain free methods which means we won't use prong collars, choke chains or shock collars to train your dog. - Ocala Dog Ranch

Photographer Dana Wimpfheimer was on hand for both days to catch all the action and has a wonderful gallery available for all to review and make purchases of their favorite pics. https://www.danawimpfheimerphotography.com/

As with all NADD (North America Diving Dogs) events, strict record keeping and tracking of the contestants jumps is both meticulous and taken very seriously. The NADD Rules encompass and progressive path for all contestants from the newest pup getting wet for the first time, to seasoned veterans catching record air time.

Get Airborne and Wet with your pup..

The Ocala Dog Ranch in C. Florida offers several training tracks throughout the year, but there are such clubs and trainers state wide. Check out our FB page for the latest events to go experience these Bad Azz Dog eventz and check for local clubs in your area. .

Dock Explosion!

Dock Diving has evolved a very long way from hot ranch and farm dogs jumping into local lakes to a network of events and even a portable dock to bring the action to most anywhere in the country. There's a lot of debate as to when exactly it officially began as a sport but one thing we do know? The pups and people just love it!

FL English Bulldog Rescue

How to start?

There is not decades of experience to assist you on this. Todays NADD offers extensive guidance local clubs like Central Florida Dog Sports, West Coast Air Dogs, Native Downs and the Ocala Dog Ranch can guide you are your own Bad Azz Dogz to a fun and active past time to get your paws in to!

North America Diving Dogs is staffed by individuals passionate about the sport and the competitors (the dogs) both new & experienced, so we want both the events and competitors to be successful in the sport of dock diving.. - NADD

More Information:

Ocala Dog Ranch https://www.ocaladogranch.com/

North America Diving Dogs


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