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Spring Fling at the Ocala Dog Ranch

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Our first Dock Diving Feature of 2019 takes us back to the ranch.

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NADD 2019 Splashes off at Ocala Dog Ranch

Special Photo-Feature

We head back to the Ocala Dog Ranch to kick off our 2019 NADD Dock Diving

I a few years the Ocala Dog Ranch has become one of Florida's jewels amongst the dog loving community. Owners and managers Sally Saxton and Neil Hennessey provide boarding and classes from basics to Flyball, Disc and more, but thier dock diving events are becoming quite the place to be. The ranch sits in a remarkably green and even slightly hilly part of north central Florida near Ocala and not far from the I-75. The permanent dock is a imposing feature and every bit as solid and professional as the facility. Stretching over 80 feet including dock and pool, the wood and plastic structure. When the Ocala Dog Ranch hosts a Dock Dive, it's a true gathering. With dog's from all over the South-East showing up and vehicles clustered with tents across the adjoining field. The events here almost have a rock convert feel to them.

We had a splashing good time and hope you enjoy the photo-feature of the day below.

Ocala Dog Ranch dock diving is usually a North American Dock Dog (NADD) event. NADD is recognized by the AKC, but dogs competing in NADD events do not need to be AKC registered.

They really just need to show up, have thier bi-ped pay their entry fee and love to dive off a dock.

Dock diving is a fantastic sport for the hot Florida months as it is centered around getting wet (for the dogs at least), and the pools at sanctioned locations are regulated and closely managed to ensure they are safe for the pups. With several titles and points for every jump, this game is as competitive as you want. From personal bragging rights to a national championship in Orlando at the end of the year.

Veterans with Disabilities: Ocala Dog Ranch is a recommended Bad Azz Dogz location for Veterans and those with disabilities. Though a rural location, Neil Hennessey is a veteran of the British Army and strong supporter of our own US veterans.

Dock diving with your dog requires some dexterity in ascending the stairs (ramps are very rare at these events any where at this time). You may either hold your dog, or toss the toy or lure and a case by case decision.

Sally and Neil are willing and capable of answering questions you may have about getting started in Dock Diving or any of the sports they off at the Ocala Dog Ranch.

Please feel free to contact me at info@badazzdogz.net or the organizations linked in the article for more information.

Photo-Feature | Ocala Dog ranch Spring Fling 2019

Ocala Dog ranch, Ocala, Florida 13 April 2019

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