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The Early Dog gets the Disc

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

UpDog Challenge beats the Florida Summer heat with these special events.

Updog is all about fun games for everyone

Frisbee Dogs in Summer (full photo feature at end of article)

Florida Summer's are hot, humid and often stormy in the afternoons. So what is an active dog to do? With an ever growing and eager community of UpDog Challenge competitors, Florida clubs are scheduling early morning events to beat the heat and it's working to bring ever more new pups into the fastest growing frisbee games in the world.

We stopped by the Central Florida Disc Dog Clubs July event for the morning and clubs and dogs from all over central to northern Florida were at the park in Spring Hill to play in this very popular mix of games ranging from traditional long throw toss and fetch games to exciting hybrids more based on accuracy and team work than physical prowess.

Creative Game Gets Creative Planning

UpDog means music, and colorful commentary

The cooler Winter months see the most activity in UpDog Challenge as with all outdoor dog sports in Florida, but it is a long hot season.

in response the Florida clubs are getting creative in finding ways to beat the heat with mornings before the real heat and later evening events with lighting also coming this year.

UpDog Challenge was created by a small group of enthusiastic dog game fans and evolved from a desire to have a more open, casual and flexible series of games that would welcome most anyone with a dog and wanting to play in a fun focused over rule laden sport.

(see our UpDog Special feature)

Closer than you may think.

The clubs are multiplying across the state and there is probably one near you. A listing of UpDog Clubs is available on the official website in addition to a very active Facebook Group if you have questions and would like to learn more from this very happy bunch of disc dog fans and families.

For Disabilities

Team Mischief is one of the clubs who support for our DVSD program

The UpDog Challenge and many of it's clubs have been incredible advocates for making there events and activities open to all and are becoming fantastic partners as we build new and exciting programs for our disabled 1st responder and military veterans. The games usually outdoors, but on well level fields and access, though each event may have different access and exits, it is important to contact ahead of time for availability of restrooms, etc. to meet your needs.

Inclusion means you too

If it is possible to accommodate, this league will do so has been our experience and it really is your choice to take the first step. Check out your local club or come to one of the events we announce on our events page. You do not have to be left out and in fact, they are eager to meet you and your own Bad Azz Dogz.

Wrapping Up

Dogs both big and small come to play

There are many games for you and your dog today, and just playing in the yard or park is one of the very best, but playing in one of the only team sports is incredibly rewarding and provides close support and guidance for both you and your best friend from a tight group of people you will come to bond with in a game that takes fetch to a whole new level.

Check out your local club or one of the events listed on our events page. We will see you there! *Our up close sniff of UpDog Challenge

** Photo-Feature **

See what you are missing out on!

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Saturday 13th July 2019, Spring Hill, FL

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