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Owners of dogs shown in pictures and non-profit organizations given associated with the image have fair use permission to download images from our galleries.

*For profit entities MUST obtain specific permission to use any media on this website. Contact

Please remember. Galleries are intended to be viewed on PC. The files are large and may cause problems if viewed or downloaded on your mobile device.

1 - Open Gallery to preview images

2 - You may either

  • Download from the DOWNLOAD ARROW seen on images.

  • Open an image preview and download from the DOWNLOAD ARROW.

Image will be saved to your computer.​


Though Bad Azz Dogz is known for photography (and they are the main source of donation support) is primarily focused on helping all Florida dogs have full active lives and working with locations to help reach disabled 1st responder and military veterans with dogs to break isolation and reduce mortality rates.
This mission is only possible with the support of the community and general public.
Please help us help others by donating today.


How to download Images

Bad Azz Dogz are completely dependent on 
donations & our Patrons.
Please keep us going by joining the pack!
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