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Ultimate Dock Diving at Florida K9 sports - May 2024

Photo-Feature United Dock Diving at Florida K9 Sports Myakka City, FL. May 25th-26th, 2024

The dogs were ready to get wet at Florida K9 Sports as they hosted the United Dock Diving 2024 May event. The Florida heat was scorching this last weekend. Plenty of water and shade was available for the dogs and their humans. Over thirty teams competed over the weekend on the mobile dock located near Myakka City, FL.

As with most Dock Diving we cover, newcomers and spectators were welcomed and entertained as we saw a variety of games for the dogs to compete, from high jumps to speed races.

Dock Diving

Dock Diving may be one the the U.S.A. most original sports. Although international interest is growing, this is a dog sport born in rural America and first seen by the general public as an oddity on old cable hunting and fishing channels as a novel story piece to break up endless discussions on best camouflaged and newest lures. Since then a few "official" leagues have merged and standardized the game.

When once the docks were actual docks and the dogs were jumping into ponds, todays Dock Diving it typically a forty foot dock and forty foot long by five foot deep pool.

Ever evolving efforts have been made to ensure safety for the dogs competing and some standard of measures to allow for fair competition between various dogs. Every league has their own standards and it is a widely debated topic.

Florida K9 Sports

Mobile Dock

RV: Dry camping only.

ADA Porta Potty

“Our goal at Florida K9 Sports is to ensure a safe, fun environment and experience for handler and dog.”

Deep in rural Florida sits the state’s newest Dock Diving venue at Florida K9 Sports. Owner Jay Nichols moved his mobile dock and operations in 2021 from Montana to Myakka City, Florida. The location is several acres tucked in beside a blueberry farm and with sparse woods, provides a flat open field of big skies. Jay’s background in dog handling and training has been mostly with search and rescue and bomb detection dogs. Dock diving has been a great change of pace and opportunity to provide his dogs with additional challenges while having a fun time.


This 5-acre plot is both home and business to Jay and Wendy Nichols and their own dogs. Jay is actively pursuing a solution to offer wheelchair access to the dock, and we will be watching for this exciting development. There is no specific disabled parking, but parking and easy access is plentiful. There are no RV hookups and there is room for “dry” camping on site.The venue is planning to add UpDog Challenge (Disc Dog games) in 2024.

Wrapping Up

Dock diving provides a great exception and with numerous locations throughout the state and many now embracing the Hero Dogz program to provide special attention to the disabled, 1st responders and military veterans.

Dock diving is fast growing to be a primary game for the lives of both dogs and humans though opening their doors and sincerely caring that you and your pups have full and active lives.

The folks at Florida K9 Sports are heavily connected to the services and have first hand shared experiences that makes this a great opportunity to come get wet with your own Bad Azz Dogz.


More information for disabled 1st responder and military veterans.

Do your dog a huge favor and take them somewhere new!

Our core mission here at Bad Azz Dogz is about his simple idea. Helping disabled 1st responders and military veterans with dogs have full active lives!

Jay Nichols has been on the frontline of Search and Rescue dogs for generations. From the mountains and valleys of the northern plains to Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. get "gets it".

One notable feature about Jay is his raw enthusiasm and boy like joy of meeting new dogs and introducing them to new things and activities. His word is that he will continue to work towards the benefit of all out dogs, but also stay proactive in providing access to support for our disabled 1st responder and military veterans with their dogs.

The facility has ample shade, water and is mostly level ground. The facility has a wheelchair accessible portable restroom.

Like most docks, the "dock" was not wheelchair accessible, and we continue to work with all the dock locations to hopefully remedy this in the future.

- The venues manager is a disabled vet themselves and can relate on a very personal level to your needs. MORE INFO. BELOW

Location and Contact information is at the end of this article.

We hope to see you and your best furry friends out their this year.

If you have further inquires, please contact us at


Enjoy our very special photo-feature of some Bad Azz Dogz and their humans! SHARE your favorites and please contact us at if a vet or first responder wanting to learn more.

FLK9 March Madness 2024 Highlights


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More Information:

- United Dock Diving

- Florida K9 Sports

43525 Florida 64

Myakka City, FL 34251

(406) 208-9633

As with all events Bad Azz Dogz features, it is the hope you will consider coming out into our amazing Florida Bad Azz Dogz world of fun and activities near you.


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