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Ultimate Air Dogs May 2024 Dock Diving at Central Florida K9 Sports

May Dock Dive at CFK9

Eustis, Florida

May 18th, 2024

Central Florida K9 (CFK9) in Eustis, FL. had a great turn out of over thirty teams eager to hit the dock this last weekend. The growing popularity of this venue's dock is not surprising. CFK9 has plenty to do and a welcoming and friendly staff to welcome new comers. The weather not reached the temperatures expected and storms moved in before the finals, but that did not dampen the party mood and finalists were sorted from the days dock dives for everyone.

Chiefland, FL. Tracks K9 club teams also showed up wearing their clubs T-shirts and plenty of smiles in support of CFK9. Additional personnel were on hand to assist and the boarding a training departments of CFK9 stayed busy. Dog families dropping off or picking up their dogs from boarding and dog training classes that were happening throughout the day. May stopped by the dock and were entertained to stop and watch the dock diving games.

Central Florida K9 (CFK9)

Central Florida K9  ( is arguably the most beautiful venue for dog sports in Florida. The 30-acre property resembles one of the state’s premiere equestrian centers more than the typical open lot of most venues. They provide a multitude of services and training for various games from scent work (Both NASDA  and Barn Hunt) to boarding, obedience and K9 explosive, narcotics, and cadaver tracking. They even provide certifications AKC temperament and farm dog testing. They also conduct 160-hour classes for narcotics/explosive & cadaver dogs and have a K9 confidence course. The site is quite large with specific accommodations for each game, mostly with seating for players and spectators.

With full-time staff and 24/7 on-site monitoring of the kennels and property, CFK9 is the most ambitious of the locations we visited. Owner Rock Galloway and his family opened in 2014, converting the previous veterinarian/kennels into a multi-sport and training complex for dogs on the thirty-acre property. They kept the kennels but have upgraded all areas to provide indoor and outdoor activities throughout the year.


The permanent dock is managed by 5 of the 25 staff and they include 2 Ultimate Air Dog judges with a third to be added this year. Though there is a long ramp up to the dock entrance, it may not be suitable for large wheelchairs to navigate the turn on to the dock itself. It is available for private rental, dock diving and dog swimming lessons.

The property has a paved entrance. Parking is mostly on grass and there are limited RV spots. No notable obstacles or steep hills as the property is mostly flat. The main office and store have a wheelchair accessible restroom.

Owner Rock Galloway spent years as a law enforcement K-9 handler for thirteen patrol, narcotics, bomb, and cadaver K-9s.

Ultimate Air Dogs (CFK9)

Ultimate Air Dogs dock diving is one of the oldest dog sports organizations in the U.S. Former Detroit Tigers player Milt Wilcox launched UAD in 2005 with the goal of keeping the dock diving games close to their "grass roots" and family friendly.

There are a variety of games, from traditional long jump, and new games of "fetch it", "catch it" and "chase it" to give the teams a variety of challenges. With a selection of different games, there's something for everyone.

The philosophy of UAD is all about “family” - UAD

Hero Dogz

More information for disabled 1st responder and military veterans.

Do your dog a huge favor and take them somewhere new!

Our core mission here at Bad Azz Dogz is about his simple idea. Helping disabled 1st responders and military veterans with dogs have full active lives!

The Central Florida K9 (CFK9) facility is one of the states premiere dog sports locations and one of only a very few “Hero Dogz” venues. Easy to access parking, and ADA compliant restroom and access to buildings.

The venue proactively supports a better experience for anyone or any pups time at the facility.

Wrapping Up

CFK9 have more dock diving events in 2024 and offer pool time and swimming training at their permanent dock. Dock Diving is a new activity at this beautiful venue and word of mouth is yet to reach many in Central Florida, but this is just a beginning and we look forward to seeing attendance at their events grow in the year ahead. So check them out and don't miss out.

Take the first step and get in touch with your local clubs and check for events in your area. Come on out and see for yourselves. Your own dogs will thank you for it later!

Location and Contact information is at the end of this article.

We hope to see you and your best furry friends out their this year.

If you have further inquires, please contact us at 


CFK9 Sports May 2024 Dock Diving

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More Information:

Central Florida K9 (CFK9)

Ultimate Air Dogs (UAD)

As with all events Bad Azz Dogz features, it is the hope you will consider coming out into our amazing Florida Bad Azz Dogz world of fun and activities near you.


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