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2020 Florida Husky Olympics

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

No Snow? No Problem for the Florida Sled Dogs to have a Great Day!

The 24th Annual Husky Olympics, Pinellas Park, Florida

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Think of Husky and one would imagine the frozen tundra or snowy expanses of the far north. If you are a Husky in Florida, what are you to do? Since 1999 the Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida has hosted the annual Husky Olympics to bring awareness to the breed, raise funds, and have a family friendly event for both the dogs and our community.

Several games included musical sit, hot-dog bobbing, best kisser, prettiest eyes and for many a very daunting high jump and more at home with the best howler competition.

A common misconception is that the breed mimics their wolf like appearance in their behavior and can tend toward aggressive pack behavior. This is not accurate. Husky’s are generally extremely social animals and eager to meet new people when socialized from a young age. They make terrible guard dogs.

Debbie Klien has been the president of the club for several years and despite all the pressures of the days event, was as happy as a husky herself with the large turn out of Husky and other sled dog breeds for the annual day. Music and distinctive howling filled the air along with the grilled burgers and hot-dogs.

The Husky Olympics are important to remind us that these big furry kids are here and in desperate need. Our climate means they are not a common breed and often live most of their days indoors as their double coat can make it especially hard on them.

Focused on the dogs at highest risk, the shelter rescues dogs from “kill shelters” in the S.E. and provides medical care for those homes Huskies in need. Fostering is key to it all and like any breed specific charity, they are in desperate need of more suitable foster homes.

Know the breed! Stubborn working breed that needs to be integrated in your life and have a purpose. Known for their escape artist skills, and incredible physical stamina. An active lifestyle is key, as is close supervision. Left to make their own decisions can lead to tragic results. Yes, they shed heavily and at least twice a year.

With dozens of dogs needing this support yearly, the demand has been stressed even more by the increasing number of these sled dogs after the surge in popularity seen during the series “Game of Thrones” where many people purchased Husky pups due to their similar appearance to the hybrid-dogs depicted as fictional ”Dire Wolves” in the series.

Despite pleas of two of the show’s stars, the ramifications are being felt across shelters in the country now with many of these wonderful dogs coming to lonely and sad premature ends in dog ponds. Organizations like the Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida are working hard to identify the right homes for these dogs in need every day.

Fostering" a Siberian Husky until it is permanently adopted would be a service more valuable to us than a donation.” – Siberian Husky Rescue

The rescue does a thorough vetting including a home visit for potential adopters and the fee’s are not cheap as the cost of caring and home finding for these large dogs includes all costs of upkeep, from food to frequent veterinary bills and helps ensure a commitment though the financial investment of a potential new owner.

Foster a Husky and save a life.

The need for Foster Homes is critical and directly saves lives of these dogs in need. if you can? Do! More information can be found on the Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida web page, but do make sure to read up on the breed and know what you are committing to. The rewards can not be quantified and these Husky's will owe you their lives and always thank you.

Know the breed!

Stubborn working breed that needs to be integrated in your life and have a purpose. Known for their escape artist skills, and incredible physical stamina. An active lifestyle is key, as is close supervision. Left to make their own decisions can lead to tragic results. Yes, they shed heavily and at least twice a year.

Husky’s are ancestors of the Chukchi peoples dogs of Siberia. The tribes have for centuries bred dogs for sled pulling and companionship. Though the original Chukchi dogs were thought extinct after attempts to eradicate the breed by Soviets in the 20th century, but a 2006 story in Geographical magazine found the breed was in fact still part of the modern Chukchi culture and being bred in the region.

Husky life in Florida

The breed is not native to this region and in fact its natural region could not be more different than Florida’s sub-tropical environment, high heat and humidity. Special thought and attention to this is important. Outdoor living in this state for a Husky is not impossible but highly risky.

However, there are lots of things to do!

We are very fortunate to have parks and more importantly dog friends state and national reserves across the state of Florida. Walking, swimming and game play in open areas are available for most residents. Additionally, nature trails around the region offer great possibilities for games especially ideal for the breed like Bikejoring and Carnicross.

Did you know?

Possibly the most famous Husky is “Balto” from the 1995 animated film and statue in honor of the 1925 “Serum run to Nome” that saved countless lives. “Balto” was only the dog that was leading as the teams arrived in the desperate town, but it was another dog names “Togo” who led through the longest and most treacherous 264 mile part of the journey.

Hero Dogz

If you are a disabled 1st Responder or Military veteran? Need someone on your 6? The Siberian Husky is one of the elite for this. The breed can be stubborn minded, but is totally committed to its team mates. The options for activities with these powerful dogs are wide and varied in the state of Florida, and you do not necessarily have to have a yard to ensure a full active life together.

Additionally, the option to be a foster for the Siberian Husky Rescue is ideal and the rewards to see these pups lives changed for the better are clear.

Hero Dogz program

Please contact for more information and any questions you may have and I will try to help answer those questions or point you in the right direction.

Wrapping Up

Dogs are not accessories or decorations. They will give their heart and soul to your care and you will be rewarded beyond measure in your heart every day with unconditional love. They deserve your love in return and Husky's more than many absolutely need to feel integrated in your day to day life. Since its introduction to N. America 100 years ago, the Husky has saved countless lives. With the sudden surge of abandoned and surrendered Husky dogs across the nation, the time to come to their rescue is now.

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24th Annual Husky Olympics - February 2020

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