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AHBA at Black Prong

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Through the woods and across the pastures Herding in C. Florida.

Category: Competition

Special Photo-Feature

(A full American Herding Breed Feature will come later in 2019)

Black Prong Equestrian Center spreads across the Goethe State Forest in North Central Florida. Despite changing ownership, the Herding Trials are among the states most popular and show no sign of diminishing as we saw at the American Herding Breed Association event in April 2019.

Herding stays strong in Florida and is looking to grow in the future with more options opening to train. Though it's not like most popular sports and requires hours of committed working with stock and your own dogs. Herding training is more of a relationship with a farm or ranch than a local club. Once you grasp that, get your start and feel the bond that you develop with your own stock dog, doing what it was bred to for hundreds of years... its intoxicating. It was a real pleasure to see the AHBA Trials again at Black Prong. Along with traditional pen (or coral) trials, the ever challenging Ranch Trial through the woods of the large Black Prong estate was a highlight. Special guest Judges were Lori and Kent Herbal of XP Ranch. They traveled from Oklahoma to host a week of herding workshops at Black Prong climaxing in these three day working trials. See our special feature from 2018 and learn more here.

Note for Veterans with Disabilities: Herding offers a special series of challenges and rewards. Those challenges may seem daunting at first, or perhaps you already have experience. The key is the first step and for those dogs that you see the "switch come on" you are both is for the most amazing experience. AHBA and local farms have expressed a keen interest in showing their support for our veterans with disabilities, so the invite is out there. Now it is up to you.

Please feel free to contact me at or the organizations linked in the article.

April AHBA at Black Prong Photo-Feature

Bronson, Florida 9 April 2019

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Black Prong Equestrian Center

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