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April Barn Hunt at G2 Florida

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

When can Rats, Dogs and People all have Fun together?

Category: Competition

Special Photo-Feature

A more extended feature on Barn Hunt in Florida will come, but in the mean time, please enjoy this visual journal of the day at the Barn Hunt. Enjoy!

There are many different games for your dog today and new ones appear every few years. Barn Hunt is one of the most incredibly popular and fastest growing of any. The Barn Hunt Association created by Robin Nutall blossomed to live about ten years ago and clubs have appeared all across N. America and more internationally.

The game involves hay bales, Dogs, you and oh... real rats. It may sound a little nuts, but is in fact organized, structured and incredibly fun for all. Even the rats. In fact it was her love of the rats that brought G2 owner Lorri Griffon to Barn Hunt in the first place. Seeking information to see if the rats were being abused in any way. Lorri was so impressed, she now owns and operates one of the countries most active Barn Hunt locations in Morriston, Florida at the G2 Barnhunt.

It was a real treat for me to spend the day with all of the "Ratters" at the weekend long event. The community beams in enthusiasm and good spirits. A core sense of humor is a mark of this sporting group I have fund. With colorful shirts, and many tongue in cheek references throughout their media and brochures tilting a nod to the real stars of the event. The rats of course.

Note for Veterans with Disabilities: The sport founder, Mrs Jane Nutall, through all club organizations have been very supportive and positive in their willingness to accommodate those with special needs. If you, or someone you know is a veteran whth there own dog that may like to hunt some rats? Please feel free to contact me at or the organizations linked in the article.

April Barn Hunt Photo-Feature

Barn Hunt Association event at G2 Morriston, Florida 9 April 2019

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