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Bad Azz Dogz Is Addin' Mo'!

You told uz' you wanted mo' Bad Azz Dogz, and we heard your barks!

We need you to help uz get there...

Bristol Age 4 weeks
Bristol Age 4 weeks

We'z working on new stuffz for all you Bad Azz Dogz and the website is a biggy. We been digging for days and still lotz to do!!

Excuse da' mess, but as one of the original Bad Azz Dogz, we'z allowing you to come with us through the tunnels az we build the new den.

We need your help to get to that next level too.

Bristol Sayz...

We'z adding High-Def Imagez, Videos, and Mo' in depth news and info' for all your Bad Azz Dog needz in C. Florida.We need your help to get to that next level too.

Helping all Bad Azz Dogz

Bristol is a wayz from fixed yet, but she'z doing so much bnetter 'cause of all those who've donated and helped us. However we all want to pay it forward and help all the pupz. One thing you can do, is share our story, news, pics, videos, or whatever you like. At the end of da' page we'll put all da' new links we added dis' week and you can now add our hashtag (#badazzdogz) for Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

We now have TWO main wayz you can help Bristol and the Bad Azz Dogz.

1. A one time donation to GoFundMe

See Bristol's Story and Help Bristol come play again.

2. Become a Patron

and support the mission and help us reach ever more Bad Azz Dogz and their Bi-Peds through Adoptions, Competitions, Clubs, and all activities no matter the age or size.







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