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Bad Azz Dogz don' Moved!

New Den and New Stuff

Bristol Age 4 weeks
Bristol Age 4 weeks

We'z moved! Though we'z not in Tampa anymore, we are still in Central Florida and will continue to make the beat around most of the region.

things have not settled down from the chaotic move yet, but we are slowly getting up and running again. The weeks ahead...

Bristol Sayz..

We'z lotz to do and I didn't like movin' but dad sayz it will all work out in time..

Bristol's having a hard time adjusting.

Yin and Yang

Bristol had a rough time and didn't like all the fuss, but hoping she settles down once we have steadied the ship. The studio area is carpeted, which means.. NO DOGS... technically. However it's been an opportunity for Duchess to remind us of her exceptional skills at by-passing locks, doors, gates, etc.

Scout's moved and traveled a lot in his life, so it was all "No big deal'. However, like many older boys, he's having to be re-ecucated that 'marking' the new territory is a no-no.

The move meant a lot of outgoing expenditures and as it was VA directed to help us, it actually cost us a lot. From furniture to almost all the cash on hand. So, as ever, we really need to help right now to get through this period and Brostol (again) is overdue her check ups.

We now have TWO main wayz you can help Bristol and the Bad Azz Dogz.

1. A one time donation to GoFundMe

2. Become a Patron and support the mission and help us reach ever more Bad Azz Dogz and their Bi-Peds through Adoptions, Competitions, Clubs, and all activities no matter the age or size.

We can not say or express the deep appreciation for all those who have donated and spread our story. We hope to make this project something more though and make it something all of you and your Bad Azz Dogz can enjoy and be a part of :)

Lotza' Love! Bristol, Duchess, Scout and Rob


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