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Flyball Dogs of U-FLI

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Making it fun for everyone

U-FLI wants Fun  and Family to be first in Flyball
U-FLI wants Fun and Family to be first in Flyball

Flyball Fireworks (full photo feature at end of article)

In the massive interiors of the Dog Training Club of St. Petersburg, Florida there is room to hold one of the most exciting and popular dog team sports in the world. Two tracks, four hurdles and a “ball box” at one end, and the teams of dogs that can retrieve their balls the fastest wins.

Chris Sells from the Terminal Velocity Flyball team invited us to see the The United Flyball League International (U-FLI) Flyball Tournament and it was a day of fast dogs, cheers and laughter as the teams from around the state competed in multiple heats to see which one took home the prize, but also, to wear out these high energy pups.


Flyball is reportedly a game that started in the 1960’s in Southern California but has grown to be one of the most widely popular dog sports in the world and extremely popular in Australia and Europe and the UK.

The games popularity is in large part due to the open access to any dog with the drive and motivation to play. There are no breed restrictions and mixed breeds are welcome. Furthermore, as the hurdle height is determined by the shortest dog, it is more a matter of whether the dog can hit the “Ball Box” with enough weight to eject the ball, than any obstacles of their own height.

In North America the sport has led to ever improved training, but also competitive endeavors in breeding and gaining every advantage to win, but that also is far more intense than many wishing to just have fun with their pups would seek.

In 2004 the The United Flyball League International (U-FLI) was founded to provide a more casual and inviting environment for newcomers and those wishing to enjoy the game, but feeling a bit stressed over the increasing competitive nature.

“fun, family-friendly dog-sport.” – U-FLI

Who can play? If your dog loves to get that ball? That’s a start.

U-FLI has a special goal of making the game accessible to as wide a range of dogs and people as possible. They offer flexible rules whenever it is possible to do so and keep everything fair. This is important for those with disabilities and of special interest to Bad Azz Dogz as we seek out those places and games you can play with your dog safely in a great environments and enjoy the experience without the stress of barriers that do not take your needs into account. Fun and good time with your dog is the goal and why the first step is up to you and contacting a local group, or, just come to an event and see for yourself.

Wrapping Up

There are many games for you and your dog today, and just playing in the yard or park is one of the very best, but playing in one of the only team sports is incredibly rewarding and provides close support and guidance for both you and your best friend from a tight group of people you will come to bond with in a game that takes fetch to a whole new level.

** Photo-Feature **

U-FLI Flyball Fireworks Florida 2019

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Sunday 7th July 2019

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