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QUICK BITES - Acorn Acres hosts First Florida AKC Herding Trials of 2021

The first major Herding Trials of 2021 have wrapped up at Acorn Acres in Bushnell, FL and what a show! Big thanks to Deb Mintzer , her family and all the really great Herding Community.

We can't recall seeing so many spectators at a herding event! Made us all warm and fuzzy inside.

Photo-Feature Highlights from the two day event

Hero Dogz

Disabled Military and First Responder Veterans: UpDog Challenge is a Hero Dogz recognized partner and makes effort to accommodate and provide for the needs of our men and women. Please contact us at if you are a disabled 1st responder or military vet’ and have a Bad Azz Dog of you own who wants to come play.

More Info:

AKC Herding:

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