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Herding Trials this Fall

Updated: Aug 4, 2021


Across the fields of Central Florida

The early fall schedule of Herding Trials in Central Florida is taking shape with multiple events now posted to sanctioning organizations. This ages old sport is largely overlooked by most in the state as the idea of Florida is largely in its beaches and parks for entertainment, but internationally, Herding Trials have tremendous popularity for the amazing teamwork and beautiful rural locations to spend a day.

Sanctioned Herding Trials (as of 3 August 2021)

- Subject to change -

American Herding Breed Association (AHBA)

Sep 24, 2021 (one day)

AHBA Herding Trial

Acorn Acres,

Bushnell, FL Link to Google Map

American Kennel Club (AKC)

Oct 01

AKC Herding Trial

Acorn Acres Farm

6551 CR 561

Bushnell, FL Link to Google Map

Oct 02

AKC Herding Trial

Penny Caerau Farm

Lady Lake, FL

Oct 03

AKC Herding Trial

Penny Caerau Farm

Lady Lake, FL

Oct 29-31st, 2021

United States Border Collie Handlers Association (USBCHA)

USBCHA Herding Trial

Linden Hollow Sheep Farm

Saint Cloud, FL

Getting There

Google Maps and other mapping programs are the best bet, but make sure you save the information to your local device as internet connections may be lost in the most rural areas. It is a good idea to make sure you double check the location on the official sanctioning sites link for the event (sometimes called a “premium”) and a very helpful group on Facebook at “Herding in Florida” is a good source for information and to ask questions, but do ask days before the event if you can as the days of, most folks are already there and not checking social media.

What to bring

These are mostly on farms and ranches, working farms and ranches and it’s important to remember that. So be respectful of the land and people as you will be a welcome guest but remember this is not a theme park. It’s a good idea to bring water and seating. Dress appropriately to be outside. Food is often available from local vendors for lunch, but unless is clearly offered in the description, it may be a good idea to bring your own.

Getting your own dog into herding

Attending these events is a great first step. Most Herding trainers are active farmers and ranchers in Florida and do not actively advertise training. It requires specific resources, patience, and small dedicated classes. Perhaps the easiest way to find a trainer and see if it’s the right game for your pup is by attending the trial where many of our states best and most respected teachers and guides will be in attendance. Ask questions and if Bad Azz Dogz / Hero Dogz are there, make sure to say hi!

Hero Dogz

Disabled Military and First Responder Veterans: For veterans and those with disabilities Use good judgement and if you have specific questions, do reach out to the event organizers in advance. Though toilets are available, they may not be ADA compliant or accessible by wheelchairs. Some locations can accommodate if they know in advance your needs.

The locations are rural, but not requiring cross country level of preparation. You will be on grass and level areas usually. They can be quite far from emergency response and may not have medical staff on site.

More Info:

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