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Hogs & Air Dogs 2018

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Bad Azz motorcycles and dogs. What more could you ask for?

9th - 10th November 2018 Fort Meyers, FloridaSix Bends Harley Davidson hosted the 2018 Hogs and Air Dogs on a weekend so hot, we forgot it's November, but this is SW Florida. The three days to support local shelters was a roaring event that included Dock Diving, Wiener Races and K9 X-Games on their large property with a beautiful Harley Davidson showroom that was worth the visit by itself.

Duty to man and pup alike

Something this large is no simple task and we were surprised to find one person came up with the idea and put this whole show together. Jen Gayton is a Lee County Sheriffs Deputy with a love of dogs and competitor with her own dogs. She pulled together one of the most unique Florida events through passion, attention to detail and shear grit to include some of the most entertaining and audience pleasing canine events to raise funds for local shelters.

The goal of the event is to raise funds for the Gulf Coast Humane Society through Sponsorship and Vendors. – Deputy Jen Gayton

Those exciting events are the foundation of Hogs and Dogs success, but then add a variety of dog services and retailers, great food trucks, and comfortable location, Jenn Gayton hit a home run.

Come see the full Photo-Feature HERE

Come see the full Photo-Feature HERE

Splashing through the November heat

Ultimate Air Dogs (UAD) brought the massive “Mobile Dock” for the Dock Diving competitions. This mobile dock can travel, set up and provide a safe pool for the various UAD games for both regular competitors and first timers.

The philosophy of UAD is all about “family”. - UAD

UAD owner Milt Wilcox acted as judge for the Dock Diving and very entertaining MC for the event. We particularly liked that, as his voice drew attention to activities and made the event more immersive for the attendees. UAD games include various horizontal and vertical challenges but takes special interest in both the safety and fun for all in their sport.

The fastest Wieners in the State

If you want a fun event, then there is little that can compare with the Florida Wiener Dog Derby. Roxie Lejeune runs Florida Wiener Derby events with total commitment and always provides a headliner anywhere that these pint-sized racers compete. The rounds include everything from first time racers and special dogs to experienced pros with serious mustard to run the fastest their little legs can get them down the track. Every time we see these races one thing is certain, you have no idea what is about to happen when the gate opens, and this event was no exception as “unexpected” moments had the large audience cheering and laughing in joy of these fearless pups going for the gold.

X hits the spot

In the spirit of Hogs and Dogs event, the Big Cypress German Shepherd Rescue hosted the K9 X-Games. This very informal competition mirrors the Agility fields everyone knows, but most of the competitors here have never seen a weave poll or tunnel before.

Jump, weave and go through the agility obstacles with a quick break for your dog while you "shoot" the bear, hula hoop and crawl under all kinds of fun things. - Big Cypress German Shepherd Rescue

As expected, results may differ for each team, and like all the Hogs and Air Dogs competitions, provided both excitement ands more than one humorous moment

Kelsey Boomer kept the action going and like all the Hogs and Dogs events the results included many laughs and great fun for most. Though some of the K9 competitors were less than enthusiastic about their owner’s apparent loss of sanity while traveling around the obstacles.

And of course the Hogs!

As if the canine activities and fair wasn’t enough, the Six Bends Harley Davidson showrooms, garage and facilities were beautiful.

You did not need to be a Harley (or even motorcycle) fan to appreciate the gleaming steel, stunning paint and details of the American classics looking their very best.

The result of all of this? Both the much-needed money and awareness to assist the local Bad Azz Dogz needing the help of the community, plus the opportunity for owners to see a few of the activities they can jump into with their own Bad Azz Dog. Afterall, an active dog home is a forever dog home.

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