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New Dock Dive Pool Roams Florida

New dock has home base in Myakka and opens this weekend!

7 May 2022, Myakka City, FL

Small but mighty, Dachshunds from across the country compete
Small but mighty, Dachshunds from across the country compete

The Cinco de Mayo Celebration at Florida K9 Sports will mark the opening of Florida's latest Dock Diving pool for dogs in the state. The third this year, but the first mobile dock of its kind to head quarter here in central Florida and near Myakka City south of Orlando.

This Saturday "Splash" is the first event, but already the gang at Florida K9 Sports have mobile events being announced at other locations in the state.

A potluck is part of the fun and a wonderful day is planned for this peaceful rural location in our state.

More Information:

7 May 2022

Florida K9 Sports 43525 Florida 64

Myakka City, FL 34251

(406) 208-9633

GPS: 43405 FL-64, Myakka City, FL 34251

Located directly east of them in between the fences.

*For Hero Dogz

Disabled Military and First Responder Veterans with dogs:

Bad Azz Dogz have not completed a site visit as yet, so information is limited. However, months before arriving we did chat with the owners and they were extremely encouraging in their support for our disabled First responder and military veterans. We look forward to working with them and adding them to the Hero Dogz approved locations for your dog activities in the state.

As noted, this is a rural farm location. Limited facilities are available and we suggest you contact them for any special needs you may have. As with any Florida event this time of year, please remember to have bottled water on hand.

To ensure disabled first responders and vet's get attention if needed, please follow the instructions below.

Have your own dog and would love to see them play in sports and events?

Drop us a line at


Your name. Where and when you served. Any additional information on your disability you are comfortable with sharing and/or may require additional accommodation at some activities. Your dogs names, breeds. What you are interested in learning more about (i.e. Herding, disc dog, lure coursing, etc.)

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Hero Dogz is donation based to help all dogs and needs you to continue.

You can keep us going and growing for Florida's Bad Azz Pups from Litter to an active and loving life. This page is created and managed by a disabled vet and needs donations to continue and to help our Florida Dogs, Disabled Veterans & 1st Responders. Learn More

Come join the Bad Azz Pack!

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