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Photo-Feature: AKC Hunt Trials NOV 2021

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Mid-Florida Brittany Club hosts the November AKC Hunt Trials in Florida

Special Photo-Feature

Mid-Florida Brittany Club AKC Haunting Trial.

The Mid-Florida Brittany Club hosted a two day AKC Hunt Test at the expansive Lake City location we have visited for Pointer trials before. After a stormy week in Central Florida, the weekend saw the sun break through but remain cool and breezy, making for near perfect conditions for the dozens of dogs and their handlers to compete across the brush and woods.

More than Brittany Spaniels attended as these trials are not limited to a single breed but open to all eligible pointer breeds as found on the AKC Pointing Breed Hunt Tests - Eligible Breeds and guidance on how to get started with your own Bad Azz Dogz.

Bad Azz Dogz was asked to provide a special photo-feature for the event and it was a true please to get out to the East coast again and meet so many Bad Azz Dogz!

The first step? Go on out to an event.

Our experiences with the hunting dog community have always been extremely welcoming. The people we have met come from all backgrounds and generally friendly with a shared love of their dogs. These events are extremely safe and well regulated. Attending allows you to see what it's all about and there's always people willing to answer questions and guide you through what's happening. Learn more about the Mid-Florida Brittany Club:


Two days of Mid-Florida Brittany Club AKC Hunting Trial action at the November 2021


The Gallery is best viewed on a PC. The large file sizes and may burden any portable tablet or smart phone.


As with all events Bad Azz Dogz features, it is the hope you will consider coming out into our amazing Florida Bad Azz Dogz world of fun and activities near you.

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