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Ruff Sudz at da' Dog Bar

Ruff Beginnings rescue and Dog Bar team up for a day of fun and suds in St. Petersburg..

Florida English Bulldog Rescue
Florida English Bulldog Rescue

The Ruff Beginnings (RBR) rescue got the suds flying. Not just at the bar, but pretty much everywhere as the Dog Bar hosted their Dog Wash and Fundraiser in St. Petersburg, FL...

Ruff Beginnings Rescue has been one of the most active local rescues in the St. Pete Area.

As always at the Dog Bar, there were plenty of Bad Azz Dogz there for the event, and others, just to hang out.

You Can See the Full Gallery Here

An interruption in services?

It was a little surprising to see the Ruff Beginnings president has had to take time for her family, which will cause a temporary break in response times.

'September 23- Oct 1st Ruff Beginnings will be off Social Media and Email. However, all adoptions and scheduled events will proceed.'

Like all rescues, they are in need of volunteers, and now as much as ever..

The Dog Bar is an outstanding host for these events. The entire staff and facility is geared towards canine hospitality and event hosting. We'll will be having a spotlight piece on the Dog Bar soon to give you a nudge that way if you still need it for both Bad Azz Dogz and there Bi-Peds!

FL English Bulldog Rescue

How do we reduce shelter populations?

After adoption, it is critical to get folks involved with their dog. Luckily in Florida, we have a ton of options too! From Parks and Nature Trails, to competitions of every kind. An owner who is active with their pup is far less likely to allow them to need aid from Adoptions groups and reduce recidivism. Check out or Facebook events page for the latest.

Want to see more of the gallery? Full Gallery Here

More Information:

Ruff Beginnings: (727) 303-5961

If you want to see about having your organizations event at the Dog Bar St. Pete'? Dog Bar St. Pete' 2300 Central Ave

Saint Petersburg, Florida


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