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Sep. Fundraiser & Dog wash at PAW

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

A new month and new Fundraiser at the Pinellas Ale Works in St. Pete. Florida.

Sep. Bad Azz Dogwah at PAW

It was First Sunday and again, we waz back at the Pinellas Ale Works for the First Sunday Dog Wash and Fundraiser! Though da' weather got a little wet for a bit, it don't matter az we'z were all gettin' wet anyway and having a great time supporting the Friends of Strays Animal Shelter. Dis' iz a monthly event in support of local shelter's with a dog wash AND professional grooming from the Bad Azz Kaleigh of Bath N’ Doggie Works

- Bristol @Bad Azz Dogz



More Info: Friends of Strays Animal Shelter Call (727) 522-6566 Bath N’ Doggie Works Local Event organizer Love Your Locals St. Pete

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