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The English invade WoofGangs

The Florida English Bulldog Rescue brought their wonderful Bully's to Woofgangs Bakery & Dog Grooming S. Tampa..

Florida English Bulldog Rescue
Florida English Bulldog Rescue

The Florida English Bulldog Rescue (FEBR) had a great opportunity to come meet these majestic Bad Azz Bulldogz at the Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming in South Tampa..

Florida English Bulldog Rescue is a dedicated group of volunteers working hard to help the sick, injured, neglected or unwanted English Bulldogs throughout the state of Florida. - FL English Bulldog Rescue

Several of the Bulldogs were in attendance and everyone was immediately in love with these loving and adorable pups..

You Can See the Full Gallery Here

How do $3000 English Bulldogs end up here?

Amazingly (like all breeds) English Bulldogs often find themselves losing their homes for a number of reasons. From family's unable to care for them for one reason or another, to simple lack of commitment by the previous owners. Just like any sad pup needing a new Bi-Ped to fill their lives. I

Many English Bulldogs are typically surrendered (or abandoned) at about age 6-7

This startling statistic is especially sad as the pups are reaching maturity and need ther humanz even more than ever before.

FL English Bulldog Rescue

How do we reduce this?

The Florida English Bulldog Rescue are committed to helping these pups every day through volunteers and events like this one. After adoption, it is critical to get folks involved with their dog. Luckily in Florida, we have a ton of options too! From Parks and Nature Trails, to competitions of every kind. An owner who is active with their pup is far less likely to allow them to need aid from Adoptions groups and reduce recidivism. Check out or Facebook events page for the latest.

Want to see more of the gallery? Full Gallery Here

More Information:

Florida English Bulldog Rescue (FEBR):

On Facebook: @floridaenglishbulldogresQ

If you want to see about having your organizations event at a Woofgangs near you?


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