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UKI S.E. Cup 2023 in Florida

Dogs from around the world take on UKI's challenging agility competition.

10-12 February 2023, Brooksville, FL

UKI S.E. Cup

One of the most exciting agility competitions in the world returns to Florida Classic Park this 10th-12th 2023.

Hosted by Brilliant Dogs and Bad Azz Dogz will be covering the event in Brooksville, FL all three days.

This spectator friendly event is outdoors but a large covered pavilion overlooks the course and a full amenities (ADA) restroom is available.

Plenty of parking and mostly level area accessible for those with wheelchairs.

Come see some of the worlds greatest canine athletes take on the challenging UKI courses and a great community.

Hope to see you there!

UKI Agility International has gained a great amount of respect and increasing growth internationally.

Their courses are challenging, but it is their focus on safety and positive training methods that are a trademark of the organizations approach to the games.

Above all, the organization aims to promote the growth of agility and raise performance standards by encouraging training in a competitive arena using reward-based training methods. - UKI Agility International

More Information:

UKI Agility International

Brilliant Dogs - On Facebook UKI S.E. Cup 2023 location: Florida Classic Park 5360 Lockhart Rd, Brooksville, FL 34602

*For Hero Dogz

Disabled Military and First Responder Veterans with dogs:

Florida Classic park is a large permanent outdoor activity location. With camping, permanent pavvioin and ADA complient restrooms. No showers or pumpinmg station on site.

This is a fairly rural location but there are several veterinarian nearby and two Hospitals within 30 minutes of this location.

Additional local and event information can be available from the hosts linked above.

As with any Florida event this time of year, please remember to have bottled water on hand.

To ensure disabled first responders and veterans get attention if needed, please let us help.

Have your own dog and would love to see them play in sports and events?

Drop us a line at


Your name. Where and when you served. Any additional information on your disability you are comfortable with sharing and/or may require additional accommodation at some activities. Your dogs names, breeds. What you are interested in learning more about (i.e. Herding, disc dog, lure coursing, etc.)

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You can keep us going and growing for Florida's Bad Azz Pups from Litter to an active and loving life. This page is created and managed by a disabled vet and needs donations to continue and to help our Florida Dogs, Disabled Veterans & 1st Responders. Learn More

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