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2nd Annual Bunny Splash

UAD Dock Diving at Tracks K9 Club in Chiefland, Florida.

Tracks K9 Club 2nd Annual Bunny Splash

Chiefland, FL. 15th- 16th April 2023 [galleries below]

The second annual Bunny Jump was a great success for the new club and registrations had to close early to fit all the teams into the two-day event this year.

Teams from New York to Missouri traveled to the Sunshine State to play in the games with their pups. The weather was clear and sunny for most of the event and multiple vendors and food trucks added to the festive nature of the weekend.

Notably, there were many spectators from the area who came to watch the competition. This is always exciting to see as it brings awareness to the activities available for all dog owning homes. Accessibility and providing a welcoming venue for new people to do dog sports is an important goal to owner Chris Hutchko.

Tracks K9 Club opened a little more than a year ago and became the first Ultimate Air Dogs (UAD) location in the north central Florida area. Approximately 90-minute drive from Orlando or Jacksonville, the location is relatively close to most of the dogs across the northern part of the state.

Dock Diving

Dock Diving may be one the the U.S.A. most original sports. Although international interest is growing, this is a dog sport born in rural America and first seen by the general public as an oddity on old cable hunting and fishing channels as a novel story piece to break up endless discussions on best camouflaged and newest lures. Since then a few "official" leagues have merged and standardized the game. When once the docks were actual docks and the dogs were jumping into ponds, todays Dock Diving it typically a forty foot dock and forty foot long by five foot deep pool. Ever evolving efforts have been made to ensure safety for the dogs competing and some standard of measures to allow for fair competition between various dogs. Every league has their own standards and it is a widely debated topic.

Tracks K9 Club

The 40-foot dock had several local sponsors banners as the popular club has become a good opportunity for advertising for local businesses. Though many of the teams were familiar to us from other dog events, we met many that were news or just recently started in the games. Often, they were families and ages ranged from young children to great grandparents.

Tracks K9 joined the Ultimate Air Dog (UAD) dock diving league in 2022. UAD is one of the oldest dog sports leagues in the USA and has requirements for the docks and competitions to provide consistency and safety for the sport at multiple locations across North American.

With summer heat preventing most dog sports till the cooler Autumn months arrive, dock diving provides a fun and easy to play game for your dogs. Tracks K9 have multiple events this year and more information is available through their website linked below. Additionally, the club offers training and events for scent work, agility, and lure racing. The dock can also be rented for private lessons or training time.


More information for disabled 1st responder and military veterans.

Do your dog a huge favor and take them somewhere new!

Our core mission here at Bad Azz Dogz is about his simple idea. Helping disabled 1st responders and military veterans with dogs have full active lives!

Chris Hutchko himself is a disabled police veteran of 18 years and understands the importance of dogs to many in our disabled 1st responder and military veteran community. He assured us that the club is very willing to provide support and accommodation to any who reach out to them for help or just looking for a fun opportunity to play a new game with their best (furry) friends.

The facility has ample shade, water and is mostly level ground. We were told that ADA portable restroom is being planned but was not available at this event. Like most docks, this was not wheelchair accessible, and we continue to work with all the dock locations to hopefully remedy this in the future.

- The venues manager is a disabled vet themselves and can relate on a very personal level to your needs. MORE INFO. BELOW

Location and Contact information is at the end of this article.

We hope to see you and your best furry friends out their this year.

If you have further inquires, please contact us at

Wrapping Up

After the almost complete lack of dog activities during the pandemic, this was another event that shows a truly exciting revival of the games around Florida. Venues like Tracks K9 are actively promoting these games to their local community and widening the tent to gain new teams of dogs and their humans every week. Additionally, the Tracks K9 and other docks are communicating and starting to coordinate and by throwing support behind other Florida docks, this can only make the Florida dog community stronger in the future and a trend we hope to see more of throughout the various dog sport clubs in our state.


Enjoy our very special photo-feature of some Bad Azz Dogz and their humans! SHARE your favorites and please contact us at if a vet or first responder wanting to learn more.


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More Information:

- Ultimate Air Dogs

- Tracks K9 Club

As with all events Bad Azz Dogz features, it is the hope you will consider coming out into our amazing Florida Bad Azz Dogz world of fun and activities near you.


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