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North America Sports Dog (NASDA) at the Central Florida K9 (CFK9)

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It was a great weekend at the North American Sport Dog Association (NASDA) working dog trials. Held at the beautiful Central Florida K9 (CFK9) venue near Eustis, Florida. The three-day event had a training workshop followed be Saturday and Sunday trials. Dogs searched for rats, antlers and “lost items” in a variety of scenarios intended to duplicate real world environments. From into the woods, to indoors, the teams had great fun and the weather was near perfect.


The North American Sport Dog Association (NASDA) was started in 2016 and provides a series of scent games that any breed, from pure-bred to mixed can enjoy.

The sport is especially intent on accommodating both dogs and humans with disabilities.

NASDA aims to:

  • Encourage ALL dogs to play the exciting NASDA Working Dog events. This includes but is not limited to purebred, mixed breeds, companion dogs, or titled champions.

  • Provide a venue for all breeds to earn working-style titles in North America.

  • Qualify and certify judges so that working dog events may be held to consistent standards.

  • Maintain a registry of trial results and titles awarded.

  • Welcome physically challenged dogs or handlers.

  • Promote good sportsmanship both in and out of the ring.

  • Be a venue where dogs and handlers work together as a team in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment while honing their skills and earning awards for their efforts.

More Information

Central Florida K9 (CFK9)

CFK9 is a remarkable 30-acre dog activity venue in central Florida, just a few miles from Eustis. The facility has close to 30 staff and with 24-hour kennels, a staff member is always on site to monitor the dogs. One interesting note, all kennel techs are certified veterinarian technicians. Beyond that, they have trainers for basic to advanced sports and several dedicated lots or buildings for games, classrooms, or private rental for your dog. The location has a permanent dock associated with Ultimate Dock Diving (UAD) with several events annually and can be rented privately.

Hero Dogz

Information for those with disabilities.

CFK9 has an indoor restroom that can accommodate most wheelchairs. There is ample parking and even dedicated parking for vehicles with disabled driver plates.

Most all the activities at CFK9 will make efforts to make your visit fun, informative and stress free. The staff have ample experience to see to any special needs within reason and dependent on the specific activity.

Wrap up

The NASDA games combined with the venue at CFK9 provided an amazing and memorable experience for both the handlers and the dogs. These scent trials are aimed at maximum access for as wide a community as possible.

We highly recommend checking the CFK9 website for coming events. The next step is yours, so take it now and it may change your life and your dogs life for the better.


NASDA at CFK9 18th-19th November 2023

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More Information:

North America Sports Dog Assoc.

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