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UpDogs in Tampa Florida...

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

The UpDog Challenge is in full swing throughout Florida...

The UpDog Challenge is a local, national and international k9 competition. This is "Frisbee" dog competition for both beginners and old pros alike. This locally based (Dade City, FL) organization has grown to become one of the worlds most popular event series for active owners.

UpDog is dedicated to expanding the awareness and participation of people and dogs in athletic endeavors. We want more people and more dogs having fun, playing together. - UpDog Challenge

Though well know amongst those already familiar with the sport, there literally thousands in Central Florida who have yet to hear about this great opportunity to become truly active with their own pups.

The mission of UpDog is to increase the number of dog owners participating in disc and dog sports

UpDog differs in many ways from "traditional" disc dog competitions. With fun and unique "Games" to a very inclusive reward system that both rewards all competitors, but provides great motivation to stay active and find yourself part of this great disc dog community.

How to go Disc Doggin with your Bad Azz Dog?

Central Florida Disc Dog Club (#cfddc) is right here!

This long established club of truly friendly and loving folks have some of the best competitors out there and are very welcoming to all who are interested in getting involved. If you want somewhere to go play, or just chill out, follow us (@bad azz dogz) on Facebook to see events listed on our events calendar..

You can also watch our pages on Twitter and Instagram (#badazzdogz) where we hope to see you soon.

Brooksville Qualifier 30 Sep 2018

Toss & Fetch

Over a dozen competitors participated, with brackets for all levels. From Junior, to Elite The organizers started and ended the event early to avoid the blistering afternoon heat of Florida. With high spirits, plenty of laughs the pups truly enjoyed a day of what (for them) was playing with their humans.

Bristol Sayz... We were on hand to capture much of the fun to share with everyone. Want to see more? Full Gallery Here

Lutz Event at Courteous Canine 6 Oct 2018UpDog Challenge isn’t your usual competition

From “Frizgility” to being “Spaced Out” with the Disc Dogs This week the UpDog Challenge teamed up with NADD for a combined event at Courteous Canine in Lutz. We went specifically to see the Disc Dogs for a while on Saturday and saw first hand that the UpDog Challenge is not your parents Frisbee Dog competition series.

The alternative to the traditional Toss & Fetch or Freestyle (Dance Athletics) of the existing Disc Dog events, UpDog Challenge offers a wide variety of fun, imaginative and even whacky activities for your all Bad Azz Disc Dogz. It also provides a very encouraging achievement system from beginner to pro,. Which is extremely newcomer friendly.

Bristol Sayz... We waz der' and caught da' action, so check out the full Gallery Here

St. Lucie at the Pirate Coast Cluster 14 Oct 2018Freestyle

UpDog Challenge joined the Treasure Coast Pirate Cluster in St. Lucie Florida for three days of events and fun competition at the large multi-sports event the Treasure Coast Kennel Club (@Treasure Coast Kennel Club) put together and provided all an amazing weekend.

The Freestyle is the pinnacle of the combined skills accumulated from the different activities UpDog provides.

Canine + Discs + You + some cool moves = Freestyle Showcase

Freestyle has been the "premiere" competition in disc dog since its earliest days. UpDog provides a uniquely tiered progress for all teams. As in all of their activities, the rules are foremost for the safety of the dogs and handlers and provide critical guidance to keep your own Bad Azz Pup safe and avoid serious injury.

Look for our Full Article on the Treasure Coast Pirate Cluster coming very soon!


Pix n Pages have a full gallery of the three day event available.

("Nikki" and her crew worked very hard on this event to provide everyone the best possible photographs. The entire Friday Barn Hunt and Dock Diving was captured, and otherwise all competitors who requested photos.)

Order early for big discounts.

More InformationUpDog Challenge:

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Central Florida Disc Doc Club

CFDDC maintains a FaceBook here:


Bad Azz Dogz is donation based to help all dogs and needs you to continue.

You can keep us going and growing for Florida's Bad Azz Pups from Litter to an active and loving life.

Bristol's Story

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