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IDS Dock Diving at Florida K9 Sports

Photo-Feature: International Dog Spots presented the first Florida regional qualifiers.

Special Photo-Feature:

Spectators Welcome! [galleries below]

Florida's First International Dog Sports event kicked off at the Florida K9 Sports HQ in Myakka, Florida this July 2022. With dogs from around the state getting their first chance to compete in the new competition aimed at distanced jumps across the 40 foot (plus) pool.

National K9 Dock League

The International Dog Sports started National K9 Dock League this year in Florida. With a growing business like and less personal direction of some dog sports leagues, this new dock diving league aims to bring back the grass roots, jump for fun aspect of this very American game for our dogs.

Full feature come, so stay tuned!

Enjoy our very special photo-feature below of some Bad Azz Dogz and their humans!

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IDS National Dock Diving at Florida K9 Sports

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Sat Morning | Sat Afternoon | Sun Morning | Sun Afternoon

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