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IDS Takes off at the Ocala Dog Ranch

Updated: Apr 25

April 1st 2023 saw the Ocala Dog Ranch host a whole new Dock Diving in Ocala, Florida.

International Dog Sports - National K9 Dock League Ocala Dog Ranch, FL. 1st April, 2023 [galleries below]

It was a risk for partners Sally Saxton and Neil Hennessey to launch a new dock diving league at their much loved and popular facility in Florida this year. The venue has been one of the hottest go to locations for Dock Dog games for several years, but changing leagues had risks and would it maintain the success of their past associations.

Expecting to done in one day and my 3pm, the dogs and handlers were still rolling in at lunch time and the event went till sunset and could easily have gone another day. A success? Everyone was pleasantly overwhelmed and it was clearly an excited turn out with the new National K9 Dock League was a hit with both pups and humans.

Dock Diving

Dock Diving may be one the the U.S.A. most original sports. Although international interest is growing, this is a dog sport born in rural America and first seen by the general public as an oddity on old cable hunting and fishing channels as a novel story piece to break up endless discussions on best camouflaged and newest lures. Since then a few "official" leagues have merged and standardized the game. When once the docks were actual docks and the dogs were jumping into ponds, todays Dock Diving it typically a fourty foot dock and fourty foot long by five foot deep pool. Ever evolving efforts have been made to ensure safety for the dogs competing and some standard of measures to allow for fair competition between various dogs. Every league has their own standards and it is a widely debated topic.

Ocala Dog Ranch

Neil Hennessey and partner Sally Saxton opened the ODR in 2017. Providing boarding, training and hosting multiple dog sports from Disc Dog to Dock Diving, the facility quickly became incredibly popular and that may be well organized events and welcoming atmosphere Sally and Neil have provided to visitors of their facility and home.

One of the few Dock Diving locations in the S.E. that offers ADA compliant "porta-potty" and with Neil as a retired Royal Marine veteran, the ODR is very willing to accommodate disabled 1st responder and military veterans.

International Dog Sports (IDS)

National K9 Dock League

International Dog Sports and specifically their National K9 Dock League was born from the founders dissatisfaction with other Dock Diving organizations becoming so commercialized they had lost touch with the real reason for this games popularity. To have fun with your dog. The league is only a year old and having some growing pains, but their focus on keeping the games accessible and light hearted has drawn a lot of attention.

Having such an established venue as the Ocala Dog Ranch switch teams to join them is quite an accomplishment and hopefully is a good portent for the league future.


More information for disabled 1st responder and military veterans.

Do your dog a huge favor and take them somewhere new!

Our core mission here at Bad Azz Dogz is about his simple idea. Helping disabled 1st responders and military veterans with dogs have full active lives!

The Ocala Dog Ranch is one of the very few Florida locations Bad Azz Dogz rates as a HERO DOGZ location.

- The facility provides ADA compliant toilets and is very responsive to accommodation special needs of those visiting their facility.

- With multiple games supported from Disc Dog, to Dock Diving, they also provide more general dog training and fun games like fun-run Lure Coursing, agility and more.

- The venues manager is a military combat vet themselves and can relate on a very personal level to your needs. MORE INFO. BELOW

Location and Contact information is at the end of this article.

We hope to see you and your best furry friends out their this year.

If you have further inquires, please contact us at


Enjoy our very special photo-feature of some Bad Azz Dogz and their humans! SHARE your favorites and please contact us at if a vet or first responder wanting to learn more.

National K9 Dock Diving at Ocala Dog Ranch


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More Information: - International Dog Sports - Ocala Dog Ranch

As with all events Bad Azz Dogz features, it is the hope you will consider coming out into our amazing Florida Bad Azz Dogz world of fun and activities near you.


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