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Photo-Feature: Last Run of 2020!

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

WVKC AKC Fast CAT - New Smyrna, FL - DEC 2020

Special Photo-Feature

The West Volusia Kennel Club has one of our states most active Fast CAT schedules courtesy of Maria and Mark Avellino of Dog Sports Unlimited. With the limited opportunities of 2020 they managed to get one last years end run in New Smyrna, FL last weekend of the year.

A truly perfect cool day with dozens of dogz from around Florida found their way to the farm. Dogs of every age, size and experience had their opportunity to run the 100 yard dash after the lure. Some needed a bit more encouragement than others, but all had a fantastic time..

Bad Azz Dogz was asked to provide a special photo-feature for the event and it was a true please to get out to the East coast again and meet so many Bad Azz Dogz!

Mark and the team of volunteers worked throughout the entire weekend to ensure a safe and fun event for everyone. The dedication and care for the dogs and the games can never get enough recognition and thanks they deserve.

Though we could not return for the Sunday, all reports are of very sleepy dogs that night!


Two days of Fast CAT action at the 2020 Suwannee Valley Kennel Club Dog Show


The Gallery is best viewed on a PC. The large file sizes and may burden any portable tablet or smart phone.


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