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WVKC Dog Show 2019

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

The Florida Dog Show with passion that starts at the top

2019 WVKC Dog Show, Deland, Florida

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The WVKC Dog Show last year was the first large "cluster" style dog show I covered for Bad Azz Dogz and the experience made a deep impression of how the traditional dog show has evolved and become a more mainstream event, accessible and loved by thousands today.

The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining and the RV's rolled in like a convoy for the 2019 show.

If you have only seen a dog show on TV, then forget what you thought you knew about an AKC Conformation show. The reality today is the sport has become a passion for dog owners of every stripe and a very big tent to welcome you. The really striking impression of the West Volusia Kennel Club (WVKC) is the feeling of a good community with heart and caring for both the dogs and their humans.

Reap what you sow

The WVKC website starts with it's community programs and in talking to its members, its the first thing many talk of first. The forty five year old club is the home of the Prison Pups N Pals program and is very involved in the communities of their area. Offering obedience, rally and conformation handling classes is only the surface to the support the WVKC offers to their region..

With a list of featured dog services and breeder referrals and additional games like the popular new game of Fast CAT that allows any dog to be a superstar on the special doggy drag race track.

The clubs commitment goes beyond paid members and reaches throughout their community and beyond and a sense of responsibility as ambassadors and good wardens of the dog community.

The West Volusia Kennel Club is involved in all aspects of dog ownership in Volusia County. Being part of our club is a great way to stay up to date on issues regarding your dogs. Some of our members and their dogs visit rest homes and similar facilities. -

The club has quarterly visits with local schools to entertain and educate the next generation in responsible dog ownership, handling, grooming and what a modern dog show is, and possible careers that come from that.

To keep the dogs front and center and spotlight the community, the WVKC are regular participants in both the yearly Mardis Gras and Christmas parades in Deland, Florida.

The good shepherd

Mark A. Driggers

A Trial Secretary is position of great responsibility. It takes a lot of passion, good judgement and management of many moving parts at one time. One of the consequences of having a great one, is their personality tends to be reflected in the show itself.

The WVKC annual show history is over thrity years and Mark Driggers has been the WVKC show chairman for the last nine.

The shows growing success, popularity and that sense of a comfortable and welcoming fun event are a reflection of Marks own personality.

From booking the location, to vendors, judges, parking and clean up the list of responsibilities is daunting and then there are the volunteers.

The staff and volunteers after three days on a hot Florida afternoon were understandably tired, but incredibly robust and as friendly to late comers as the first arrivals. Mark did not manage the event as a puppet master, but rather a good shepherd to his flock and saw them though the obstacles and challenges with a good heart and compassion. He will tell you, it was the team. That is true, but a great team is only successful with good leadership.

The Show!

The 2019 WVKC Dog Show was held again at the Volusia County Fairgrounds and included Conformation for everyone from juniors attending their first show to seasoned dogs who've done this dance and seem as proud of the pups as their parents.

Thousands of dogs come to participate with thousands more spectators for the three day event 20-22 September. With vendors, photographers, press and both the North America Diving Dogs (NADD) S.E. Mobile Dock and including the incredibly popular new game of Fast CAT.

The West Volusia Kennel Club event is an "All-Breed" dog show. That is not to say any dog can enter, but that all specific breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club can enter to be judged against the breed standard for that breed. The standards are a set of blueprints to observe the external features of a dog to fit the role of its breed.

That may be as a herding Border Collie or a gun dog like the German Shorthaired Pointer and includes qualities of the animal such as appearance, movement, and temperament. There are groups broken down by breed, but also by classes of "job" and also by handlers, with special groups for juniors and seniors, and more.

Hero Dogz

If you are a disabled 1st Responder or Military veteran? The West Volusia Kennel Club has a trusted record of support for you and your dogs. If you are in the Volusia County area of C. Florida, you can visit their shiny new web page at

Hero Dogz program

Please contact for more information and any questions you may have and I will try to help answer those questions or point you in the right direction.

Wrapping Up

Dog shows are not pampered pups of a few socially well connected families. That is a myth...

The modern dog show is a community event and great opportunity to learn a lot you may now know about today's responsible breeders and the dog community at large. You may be surprised if you keep your mind open, ask questions and listen.

Conformation shows are also an open door for most anyone with a pure bred dog. The AKC has extensive information and guides to help you take the first step, but if you live near or around Volusia County, you have the extra bonus of an outstanding club of folks who are willing to help your pup strut their stuff with the best of them at the West Volusia Kennel Club.

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WVKC Dog Show September 2019

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