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Pints & Pupz at da' Silverking Brewery

Rugaz Rescue brought a big pack of pupz both big and small to the Silverking Brewing Co..

Florida English Bulldog Rescue
Florida English Bulldog Rescue

The Rugaz Rescue flooded the Silverking Brewing Co. in Tarpon Springs, FL with a variety of Bad Azz Dogz needing their forever Bi-Pepds to love forever. Everything from big-small and purebreds to Americas best "mutts".

Rugaz Rescue fosters, rehabilitates and re-homes abused, neglected, and abandoned dogs that are scheduled for euthanasia in our local Florida Animal Service facilities. - Rugaz Rescue

Rugaz Rescue is a very organized and very active local rescue with many events and passionate approach to saving the lives of every pup they can. We spent the afternoon with them and it was clear every pup knew they were trying there best, but they still need their own people and homes too.

You Can See the Full Gallery Here

A Reason and Purpose

The name is unusual, but the reason for it is as touching as it is motivating to help all the Bad Azz Dogz in need..

February 2011 their founder, Devlin, created Rugaz Rescue'. In honor of her own beloved pitbull, Ruger, and a very special boy named Aztek, who died of neurological issues just a few months after finding his forever home and honor their memories. Ruger + Aztek = Rugaz. The impact these loving gentle giants had, and will continue to have, brought us to our organizations new name: Rugaz Rescue Inc.!

Multiple Tools to Help..

Rugaz Rescue takes it up a notch over most with many options on how you can help. Everything from Foster, Adoption, "Virtual Fosters", Special and frequent events and programs for senior dog hospice. So, head over to their webpage and see how you can help today.

The Silverking Brewing Co. is a large indoor Brewery with a huge open patio area for events like this. The plaze was poppin' and founder Captain Bret Gamrot and his crew were quick to see all the people AND pups had a great afternoon.

FL English Bulldog Rescue

How do we reduce shelter populations?

After adoption, it is critical to get folks involved with their dog. Luckily in Florida, we have a ton of options too! From Parks and Nature Trails, to competitions of every kind. An owner who is active with their pup is far less likely to allow them to need aid from Adoptions groups and reduce recidivism. Check out or Facebook events page for the latest.

Want to see more of the gallery? Full Gallery Here

More Information:

Rugaz Rescue: (727) 303-5961

On Facebook:

If you want to see about having your organizations event at the Silverking Brewing Co? Silverking Brewing Co. 325 E Lemon St

Tarpon Springs, Florida (727) 647-2524


REMEMBER... * Bad Azz Dogz is donation based to help all dogs and needs your donations to continue. 80% goes to injured Border Collie Bristol. See her Story Help Bristol! Or become a Patron and join the Bad Azz Pack!

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