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Tampa Riverfest goes to the Dogs!

The Florida Wiener Dog Derby returns to Tampa's Annual downtown celebration.

2023 Florida Wiener Dog Derby Tampa Riverfest, Florida 6th May 2023 [galleries below]

The Tampa Riverfest offers a mostly free festival of concerts and activities the first week of May each year, but a possible highlight for most is the Florida Weiner Dog Derby that has been a Saturday attraction at the event for several years and always draws a big crowd to watch the tiny canines race one another for the prize!

This year saw dozens of dachshunds from as far as Tennessee competing on the custom straight track the Florida Wiener Dog Derby (FEDD) crew custom built for especially for the pint sized athletes.

Games for all pups!

In addition to the races - that include categories for puppies to elderly dogs and even those with disabilities - There were Dog Kissing Games, Longest Tail Wag, Best Nose and even a costume contest for all pups to play.

Florida Wiener Dog Derby


Now in it's either official year, the Florida Wiener Dog Derby (FWDD) has become a popular and unusual headline entertainment around the state of Florida as part of a number off events and culminates in the Finals at the Tampa Riverfest. The organization provides the logistics, planning and management for the races and games but also provides awareness and support for small but proactive dog shelters as listed on their official site.

The Florida Wiener Dog Derby is an all-volunteer, nonprofit, fundraising and educational organization that promotes rescue, adoption and responsible canine ownership with fun, family oriented events with the community. - FWDD

Tampa Riverfest

Many cities plan and attempt downtown cultural and recreational venues for arts, entertainment and enrichment of both the local community but the image of their down town areas. The Tampa Riverwalk is one of the successes and the annual Tampa Riverfest has become a local tradition for the city of Tampa on the Florida Gulf coast. Providing attention to local small business and a special support to local arts, the Tampa Downtown Partnership additionally provides grants to help evolve and grow the ever vibrant center of Tampa.


More information for disabled 1st responder and military veterans.

Do your dog a huge favor and take them somewhere new!

Our core mission here at Bad Azz Dogz is about his simple idea. Helping disabled 1st responders and military veterans with dogs have full active lives!

Downtown Tampa is like most city center in the U.S.A. There is restricted parking throughout most of the area around the Riverwalk, but pre-planning through their website, you can locate the best locations within a few blocks of most of the park. There is an actual "paid parking" area next to the park, but be warned, it is very expensive if you are parking any length of time and offer no discounts for disabled or veterans.

The Park itself has ramps, and plenty off ADA compliant access and does have ADA compliant restrooms available.

Location and Contact information is at the end of this article.

We hope to see you and your best furry friends out their this year.

If you have further inquires, please contact us at

Wrapping Up

These events provide much needed entertainment and educational value too. We cover a lot of dog sports on, but it's not the only active thing you can do with your dogs beyond a walk.

From special events like the Tampa Riverfest and Florida Wiener Dog Derby, to local Yappy Hour or local business dog friendly access to change up the routine. Being active with your pup will make both your life better, but theirs too. Do not wait, but look today for what is going on in your county, town are area. You might be surprised!


Enjoy our very special photo-feature of some Bad Azz Dogz and their humans! SHARE your favorites and please contact us at if a vet or first responder wanting to learn more.


The Gallery is best viewed on a PC. The large file sizes and may burden any portable tablet or smart phone. ? [Need help downloading pictures] ?


More Information:

- Tampa Riverwalk - Florida Wiener Dog Derby

As with all events Bad Azz Dogz features, it is the hope you will consider coming out into our amazing Florida Bad Azz Dogz world of fun and activities near you.


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