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CFDDC 30th Anniversary

Celebrating 30 Years of Frisbee Dog fun with one of the worlds oldest clubs.

Special Photo-Feature:

Spectators Welcome! [galleries below]

This last weekend the Central Florida Disc Dog Club (CFDDC) celebrated their 30th anniversary at a special weekend event hosted by Kat and Jack Fahle at the Frisbee Dog Ranch in Dade City, Florida.

We have been associated with this club longer than any and over two decades, so it was a priority to be there for us.

The many Bad Azz Dogz that came to play also seemed to know it was a special occasion too. Putting on a spectacular day of Skyhoundz games.


I have known this club for over two decades, and though the dogs have changed over that time, some old familiar friends are still active and a new generation continues to emerge.

Current club President Gary Duke summed up the magic ingredient.

This community "it's like that old hippie spirit lives on"

The Saturday featured games from the Skyhoundz disc dog league and Sunday, was UpDog Challenge games.

Before UpDog, only Skyhoundz had any type of "titling" associated for your pups to stack up bragging rights, but with UpDog Challenge officially recognized by the AKC in 2019, you can create that AKC bragging wall at home too now.

More to come soon!

Full feature come, so stay tuned!

Enjoy our very special photo-feature below of some Bad Azz Dogz and their humans!

SHARE your favorites and please contact us at if a disabled first responder or military veteran wanting to learn more.

Please visit the "How to Download" for help getting pics' of your own pups included in the attached gallery. IMPORTANT - Please read These are for the Club, its members and the dog owners use only.

Any "For Profit", News or advertising use is strictly forbidden without a release. Contact: with inquiries.


Central Florida Disc Dog Club (CFDDC) 30th Anniversary 28th JAN. 2023


The Gallery is best viewed on a PC. The large file sizes and may burden any portable tablet or smart phone. ? [Need help downloading pictures] ?

More Information:

- Central Florida Disc Dog Club On Facebook: CFDDC

- Skyhoundz

- UpDog Dade City

On Facebook: Group

- UpDog Challenge

As with all events Bad Azz Dogz features, it is the hope you will consider coming out into our amazing Florida Bad Azz Dogz world of fun and activities near you.

* All disabled 1st responder and military veterans, please feel free to contact us on any special needs

or if you have questions on special offers for you.

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