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The High Bar at the Dog Bar - Photo-Feature

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

One day and three events are typical at the Dog Bar St. Pete'

Category: Places to Go

Special Photo-Feature at the Dog Bar

Many Bars today have found the value in hosting events for dogs, but the Dog Bar takes it to a new level. Sincere passion and commitment make this St. Pete' is watering hole frequently hosts multiple events in a single day. From fundraisers to club meets. The Bar features a large off leash play area, a quiet zone and the dogs have the hole bar to hang out with their bi-peds. We will have much more on this frequent stop for Bad Azz Dogz in the future, you should put it on top of your places to go if in the Tampa, St. Petersburg area.


In a single Saturday, the Dog Bar may host multiple events from open to close. We visited one Saturday in Jan 2019 and ended up staying all day as the local Bad Azz Dogz were a constant stream in and out of this favorite local watering hole for dogs.

Dog Bar, St. Pete' Florida Saturday January 26th 2019

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