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Flora has waited two years with hope

This incredible and loving pup has waited long enough for her own home..

Flora has waited over two years to come home

Flora has touched the heart of all the staff and volunteers at the Manatee County Animal Services for a very long time. She is a good girl and she doesn't know why she has to stay when all her friends leave. Learn more in the Video.

Over Two Years she has been waiting. Over 25 Months, and every day she waits . Its time for this sweet loving girl to come home.


Kim Bruenner of the Friends of Manatee County Animal Services brought Flora to our attention and we want you to know here story too. So please share her story and lets bring Flora home soin!

Learn More:

Please contact Manatee County Animal Services today for more information on Flora and on how you can bring Flora into the family she's waited so long for. 305 25th St W Palmetto, Florida 34221 (941) 742-5933


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